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Notice of Facility Change for FKM Precompound Forming

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Dear Customers,


In order to improve the appearance and quality consistency of our FKM precompound, and reduce the quality risky caused by impurities, we replanned and changed the process of total rubber forming processing (from rubber compounding to finished rubber sheet) by using extrusion machine with sieve to replace WFH-18 production line.


The new extrusion machine was installed and debugged in July 2018, and put into operation on Jul.25, 2018. Please refer the comparison pictures in attachment.


To verify the quality consistency produced by extrusion line and WFH-18 line, we made plenty of internal tests, and we are pleased to inform you:


1. The precompounds produced by new extrusion machines shows very smooth appearance and the rubber sheet is more compact (see attachment).

2. All mechanical and vulcanized properties of the same grade of FKM precompound produced by two lines are totally the same.


In summary, except the changes of appearance and operation of rubber forming, there is no other change. Therefore, the facility change will not impact the quality  and the customer’s utilization of our FKM precompound.

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